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Maintenance Tips

Below are some tips on keeping your home and garden in top shape this summer.

Wash your windows

It’s the perfect time of year for cleaning the exterior of your windows. The best time of day is early morning or early evening, avoiding the sun being too hot. Remember to adhere to the current water restrictions too! A bucket of soapy water may have to do!

Give your barbecue some love

I know you’ve probably all been using your outdoor cooking facilities daily, due to this heat wave… so why not take an hour out of your day to give your barbecue a good scrub?!

Garden Clean up

Well everything is looking pretty dry out there. Help your plants reestablish themselves by removing any dead leaves or flower heads.

Smoke Detectors

Checked smoke alarms lately? Do it now.

Clean out your heat pump

I’m just assuming here that you haven’t used your heat pump since September…. Take off the filter and vacuum it so you’re ready to go again in a couple of months.

Hang your washing outside

The drying time outside at the moment is super speedy. Why not take advantage and give all your duvet covers and blankets a wash and air dry?

Once the drought conditions ease…

Then it’s a great time to hose off all those spider webs off the outside of your house and your fences. Give your path and/or balcony a good waterblast too.